Same Day Crowns


CROWN while you wait...Not temporary, Permanent Crown!

Just imagine, our digital laboratory will make your crown while you wait? 

  • No temporary.

  • One visit.

  • Solid, beautiful, porcelain crowns.

It’s simple and spectacular! And it’s our privilege to offer this service to you and your family.

The technology is called CEREC, and it consists of a computer-aided design and manufacturing system, or CAD CAM. We employ a 3D imaging scanner to capture all aspects of a prepared tooth and opposing teeth, instead of taking a traditional putty impression. (This means that you won’t have to endure foul-tasting, messy, uncomfortable dental impression material that could make you gag.) Design software uses the 3D image as a baseline to design a blueprint for a new crown that will fit on the prepared tooth and against opposing teeth.


The doctor will select a CEREC Bloc, a ceramic block, in a shade that will match the teeth neighboring your prepared tooth.

Your new crown’s blueprint and the CEREC Bloc will be submitted to a milling unit, located in our office. In about one hour, the unit will fabricate a precise restoration from the block.

At this point, the dentist will permanently secure the new crown to your prepared tooth and check your occlusion, how your upper and lower teeth come together when your mouth is shut. After necessary adjustments, you’ll be all set to go, with your permanent restoration intact.