Preventive Care

Bitewing Digital Procedure

X-rays are vital for catching small concerns before they develop into full-blown problems. Bitewing x-rays are the most common type of x-rays we use. They help us find cavities hiding between the teeth, tartar accumulation on your roots, and fillings that need replacement. They even help us track receding bone levels if you have periodontal disease. We use modern digital x-rays that provide highly detailed images with only a tiny fraction of the radiation used in traditional film x-rays.

Full Service Digital Xrays

When you visit our office for your dental examination, one of the first steps is to collect a full-mouth series of x-rays so that we can clearly see the areas of your teeth that can’t be seen with the naked eye. These x-rays help us spot all kinds of developing problems, including cavities, worn-out dentistry, bone recession, and abscesses. Your safety is important to us, so we use digital x-rays that have very low levels of radiation exposure.

Cone Bean Xray Procedure

Cone beam x-rays are a high-tech type of x-ray that allows to see a complete view of your teeth and the surrounding structures. The device works around your head using a beam shaped like a cone to give us the most complete image possible. We can then use this image for both diagnosis and treatment planning. Cone beam x-rays are a great options when we are planning treatment like dental implants because they allow us to determine the exact placement angle that will have the best chance for long-term success.