Anxiety Free Dentist

If the mere thought of going to the dentist makes you break out in a cold sweat, Delray Beach Family Dentistry is the perfect place for you.  We work with patients to overcome their anxiety and fear of being in the dental chair.

Many patients’ greatest fear is the needle.  The stress over the thought of the pain from injections can keep them from the dentist.  Some opt instead to use over the counter treatments, such as Anbesol or Orajel.  These medications only temporary numbing of pain, and certainly can’t do anything to treat more severe problems.

Trypanophobia, the fear of needles, is a common condition, and totally natural among patients of all ages.  A person who is scared of needles can’t just ‘deal with it,’ or ‘get over it.’  For some just the noise of a cleaning can be upsetting. The professional and caring dentists of our Delray Beach Family Dentistry understand this, and will do whatever they can to help ease the anxiety.

Today, to help combat the anxiety, the professionals at Delray Beach Family Dentistry, apply a topical anesthetic to eliminate the pain of an injection.  As the anesthetic is only placed in the area where the procedure will be done, your entire face will not feel numb for hours.

You will find our offices soothing, and our entire staff dedicated to making you comfortable.  Keeping you anxiety free is important, as we don’t want you to neglect the health of your teeth.