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Tooth Extraction

While permanent teeth are supposed to be permanent, sometimes a tooth may need to be extracted (pulled).   The reasons vary, but include trauma to a tooth, teeth that are too infected to be repaired by a root canal, or are being blocking other teeth so that they can’t push through the gums.

At Delray Beach Family Dentistry, we perform all our extractions with the utmost care, and try to make our patients through the entire process.  There are two types of extractions, a simple extraction, and a surgical extraction.

A simple extraction can be done for most visible teeth.   A local anesthetic is all that is required.  Our dentists will loosen the tooth, if necessary, and carefully remove it with forceps.

A surgical extraction may require a local anesthetic or an IV (general) anesthetic, and require cutting into the gums.  Surgical extractions are usually done for teeth that have especially large roots, teeth that are broken at or below the gum line, teeth that are badly infected, and teeth that are impacted (growing under other teeth).

No matter the reason you may have for needing an extraction, you can trust the experts at Delray Family Dentistry.  We know that needing a tooth removed is stressful, and do our best to make you as comfortable as possible.  Most of our patients never feel any pain during the extraction, and often only mild pain and soreness afterward.

Extractions need to be taken care of right away, or they can lead to further complications, including the need to remove even more teeth.

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15300 Jog Road , Ste 207
Delray Beach, FL 33446

561-498-3181 |

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