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Bridge Implant

Replacing the gap made by missing teeth is important to keep your remaining teeth stable, and retain proper function of your jaw.  An implant bridge quite literally ‘bridges’ the gap made by multiple missing teeth in a row.

Unlike traditional bridges that are attached to your natural teeth, on either end of the gap, implant bridges are attached to small metal implants placed in the gum line.  The implants replace part of the lost tooth roots, help stop bone loss in the jaw, and encourage growth of new bone.

An implant bridge will help keep your natural teeth in place, and make everyday activities such as talking, biting, and chewing easier.  It can also give you more confidence, as you will no longer be self conscious of the gap where your teeth have gone missing.

Replacing missing teeth with an implant bridge can also help prevent further damage and tooth loss, restore your proper bite, and keep the natural shape of your face.  The sooner you have missing teeth replaced, the better it is for your overall oral health.

At Delray Beach Family Dentistry, we offer custom implant bridges that will fit perfectly and match the color of your natural teeth.   We will work with you to find the exact type of materials that will work best for you, and which option will be suit your budget.

Implant bridges are easy to care for.  Daily brushing and flossing, and regular dental checkups can help them last a lifetime.

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15300 Jog Road , Ste 207
Delray Beach, FL 33446

561-498-3181 |

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